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Why do precision casting equipment need frequent maintenance

The maintenance of precision casting equipment includes: daily maintenance work, such as cleaning, inspection, lubrication, fastening and adjustment to prevent equipment deterioration and maintenance of equipment performance; necessary inspections for measuring equipment deterioration or performance degradation; repair of deterioration and restoration of equipment performance Activity.

The significance of the maintenance of precision casting equipment is that in the process of long-term use in different environments, mechanical parts wear, gaps increase, and coordination changes, which directly affect the original balance, stability, reliability, and efficiency of the equipment, and even cause the loss of mechanical equipment Its inherent basic performance cannot operate normally. Therefore, the equipment needs to be overhauled or replaced with new equipment, which undoubtedly increases the cost of the enterprise and affects the reasonable allocation of enterprise resources. To this end, it is necessary to establish a scientific and effective equipment management mechanism, strengthen daily equipment management, combine theory with practice, and formulate equipment maintenance plans scientifically and reasonably.

In order to ensure that the mechanical equipment is always in a good technical condition, it can be put into operation at any time, reduce downtime, improve the mechanical integrity and utilization rate, reduce mechanical wear, extend mechanical life, reduce mechanical operation and maintenance costs, and ensure safe production; mechanical maintenance We must implement the principle of equal emphasis on maintenance and precaution first, and realize regular maintenance, compulsory maintenance, correct handling of use, and maintenance of the maintenance relationship. It is not allowed to only maintain and only maintain.

The precision casting industry is the focus of China's entire industrial production, an important industry for the development of the national economy, and the guarantee of people's lives. Facing the severe competition in the foundry industry, aspiring young people in China should contribute their own strength, continue to innovate technology, develop their own foundry industry, and gradually replace foreign imports.