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How to reduce the defective rate of stainless steel castings

How can we reduce the defective rate of stainless steel castings? Next, we will introduce specific methods to reduce the defective rate of stainless steel castings:

1) A large horizontal plane should be avoided as much as possible in the casting;

2) The flat wall casting hole should be reinforced with a convex surface to reduce the wall thickness;

3) The structure of the casting should be cooled when possible, and be able to shrink without hindrance;

4) Large-area interlayer chambers such as water passages and gas passages in the castings should have multiple connecting posts.

5) The connection between the casting wall and the wall should strictly prevent sharp corners and metal accumulation, the thick wall and the thin wall should be gradually transitioned, and mutations should be strictly prevented, so as to avoid hot joints and stress concentration, forming hot cracks, shrinkage porosity, etc.;

6) For the partial thick section of the casting, the hollowed out or cast-hole structure should be adopted as much as possible, and the ribs should be appropriately reinforced;

7) The wall thickness of stainless steel castings should be uniform to prevent shrinkage holes and hot cracks. Under the condition of continuous solidification, the wall thickness should be changed in one direction as much as possible. Under the condition of simultaneous solidification, it should be Make it have a uniform cross-sectional thickness.