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The key to the quality of Dongguan precision casting products are: composition, alloy composition, metallurgical industry shortcomings, physics and physical properties, reliable level, grain size (eutectic cluster number), eutectic contrast, relative density, purity, persistence Degree and so on.
This essential quality will harm the application quality. The key points are: processability, electric welding characteristics, operating characteristics, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, service life in work, and its working standards, etc., and its index values ​​are also Continuously improving.
1. Direct-reading spectrometer for inspection of molten iron composition in front of the furnace: analysis of scientific research hazard nutrient elements-very voxel elements N, 0, H
2. Quality inspection of Dongguan precision casting raw materials
The "X Fluorescence Spectrometer" can perform a full analysis of various non-ferrous metals, desulfurizers, coal ash, refractory insulation materials, minerals and other raw materials as spheroidizing agents and inoculants in less than 5 minutes.
The hand-held "aluminum alloy detector" can inspect various gray-black and non-ferrous aluminum alloy raw materials in the warehouse and production workshop within 5 minutes on the spot. These are the difficult points.
3. Inspection of the composition and physical properties of carbon steel precision casting alloys
Automated technology and intelligent system to carry out alloy composition based on metallographic analyzer: quantitative analysis and qualitative research;
Choose "Almighty Material Testing Machine" and "Electronic Device Tensile Testing Machine" to conduct intelligent system analysis of physical properties;
4. Non-destructive testing technology for precision castings
Common machinery and equipment include: magnetic particle inspection, radiographic inspection, ultrasonic inspection or spheroidization inspection, strength and PCB inspection, wall thickness inspection, water (gas) pressure test, etc., including "free online automatic identification" and "free online automatic Sorting machine" mechanical equipment.
Because pig iron blanks have weaker surface smoothness, looser materials, thicker crystals, and the presence of high-purity graphite inside and other elements, it is important to pay attention to the selection of flaw detection methods, the selection of motors for instruments and equipment, The supporting facilities of the equipment, the technicality of the actual operation and the work experience of the staff are in the work.
5. Inspection of process performance of precision castings
The inspection of the surface defects of precision castings in Dongguan usually depends on observation, including the application of a high-power magnifying glass less than five times, the application of contemporary industrial endoscopes, and so on. In order to improve pixels, fluorescent flaw detection, color flaw detection, magnetic particle flaw detection and other methods can also be used to find defects on or close to the surface.
7. Furnace gas analysis and inspection
Usually use: liquid chromatograph, infrared induction gas analyzer, etc. It is a liquid chromatograph, which can not only analyze the furnace gas, but also analyze the water content of N, O, and H in pig iron.
8. Inspection of the thermal analysis method in front of the furnace
"Thermal analysis method" can not only report the spheroidization rate quickly, but also test the actual effect of C, Si water content and pig iron feeding, PCB structure and physical properties. As everyone knows, because of the hazards of multiple factors such as the precision of raw materials for thermal resistance in China at this stage, thermal analysis methods are not very satisfactory in terms of detection accuracy.